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Struggling to ensure security in your software development process? Let DevSecLab take care of it for you. Your developers can get the security skills they need in next to no time.

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Learning made easy

Cyber security is important. So why is secure code not a priority in software development? Because there are dozens of other priorities. Trainings are boring.

We get this – and want to offer something different.

Real-life tools in your browser

Write proof-of-concept exploits

Dos and don'ts

Visual explanations

Interactive demonstrations

Learn at your own pace

Turn security into your strength

It's easier to trust your development process when everyone has the required security skills. Online training is the fastest way to get there.

Hands-on exercises

Write code and run tools in your personal cloud environment

Technical support

Our experts answer any technical questions via email

No setup needed

All you need is a web browser

For learners with various skills

Read hints to make exercises easier, or keep them hidden for extra challenge


Effortless way to fulfill competence requirements

Fast track to high quality code

Key points summarized for easy reference during daily work


Access to DevSecLab

DevSecLab teaches your developers the basics of the following topics covering exploitation, protection, and consequences of these common vulnerabilities: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection, Broken Authentication, Broken Authorization, Sensitive Data Exposure, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF).

Skills needed

The course is intended for web developers, and we expect you to have at least some experience with the following topics: HTML, Javascript, SQL, HTTP and Cookies

What's included

  • Personal hands-on lab environment

  • Access to course materials

  • Technical support via email

  • Certificate of completion

  • Student can be changed every 30 days

  • 7 day free trial

Per active seat per month


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Developers love DevSecLab

  • I was impressed by the developer-centric, no-nonsense content of DevSecLab! The examples illustrated the consequences of common vulnerabilities and how to defend against them in a practical way.

    Massimo Prencipe
    Cloud Service Specialist at Solita Oy
    Massimo Prencipe image
  • We were looking for a simple and scalable way to raise our software developers’ information security expertise. Based on the positive feedback from our experts, we decided to offer DevSecLab training for all our developers. Our developers highly valued the course’s hands-on approach.

    Otto Teinonen
    Development Manager at Cinia Oy
    Otto Teinonen image
  • DevSecLab hits the sweet spot in information security training for busy developers. Lessons are easily approachable on your own at your own pace, and exercises are complicated enough to keep things interesting. Good alternative or addition to traditional workshop-based training.

    Heimo Laukkanen
    Consultant at Siili Solutions Oyj
    Heimo Laukkanen image